Financial Wellness starts with Education

Improve retention, Increase productivity, and reduce financial stress at your organization

Change lives with Financial empowerment

Improve retention, Increase productivity, and reduce financial stress at your organization

Financial Wellness And Why It Matters

Covid has been particularly difficult on the employees. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping economies worldwide, The Great Resignation is expected to continue in India in 2022, with a whopping 86 percent of employees planning to leave in the following six months, with the majority of people departing in order to find a better paid job with better benefits.

Employee Benefits That Benefit Business

AssuredGain solves one of the biggest problems for businesses — a Financially stressed workforce

AssuredGain goes far beyond Financial Wellness benefits, to deliver deep financial healing for the people who need it most.

Improving Employee’s Financial Wellness

How does it make Business sense?

The primary consequences of financially pressured employees are absenteeism, presenteeism, and attrition all of which have a direct cost to the company.

Making financial wellness as a part of employee benefits is doing what’s right for the workers, which can increase the productivity and profitability of the company.

Employees look to their workplace for assistance because they spend the majority of their time there and make 90% of their financial decisions there.

What Makes AssuredGain Different?

AssuredGain has helped hundreds of employees across the country take control of their money by making make better financial decisions and reaching their financial life goals by offering the education, tools, and motivation they need to succeed.


Through efficient goal-setting, saving strategies, debt reduction, and budgeting, employees are getting financially fit and reawakening to the world of opportunity that surrounds them.

₹25K saved

Increasing Financial Wellness can save ₹25K per employee each year

3x ROI

Every Rupee invested in Financial Wellness saves companies up to ₹3

Peace of Mind

Help people reduce stress by thriving in their jobs and retiring on time

Trusted by the country’s most innovative businesses


What People Say About Us

Here’s what people have told us about their experience at with us

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing the Employee’s Financial Wellness Program at AssuredGain Financial planners, and I must say, it was truly exceptional! The team at AssuredGain went above and beyond to ensure that our employees received the best financial guidance and support. Their personalized approach, expert advice, and comprehensive program left a lasting impact on our team. I highly recommend AssuredGain’s Employee’s Financial Wellness Program for any organization looking to enhance their employees’ financial well-being.

Sanjay Dutta

I had the opportunity to participate in the Financial Wellness Program at AssuredGain Financial planners in Chennai, and it exceeded all my expectations! The program was well-structured, informative, and tailored to individual needs. The knowledgeable and friendly team at AssuredGain guided us through various financial aspects with clarity and expertise. From budgeting to investment strategies, they covered it all. I left the program feeling empowered and confident in managing my finances.


AssuredGain Financial planners truly understands the importance of financial wellness for employees. Their program is an absolute game-changer! The team at AssuredGain delivered an exceptional financial wellness program that not only educated us but also motivated and inspired us to take control of our financial future. They provided practical tips, resources, and expert guidance, making complex financial concepts easy to understand. I cannot recommend AssuredGain’s Financial Wellness for Employees program enough. It’s a must-try for any organization committed to their employees’ financial well-being.

Ramasami Naidu

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